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Ultimate Shliach Masterclass

Upcoming Master Class:


Begins Tuesday, 2 Iyar/May 7.

6 Tuesdays from 1-2pm.

Email to register or for more information. Space is limited!

- Testimonials -

Recent Masterclass Graduates:

Shmuly, I enjoyed the calls and gained a lot from them. I’m happy to be able to give you credit so more people get exposed to your great work.

Mendel Hendel | Chabad of Greece



I took the master course with Rabbi Shmuly Rothman and it was very informative with practical guidance and application. As he was a Shliach he understands the issues we have and has also surrounded himself with great management coaches to build his system. I would recommend it to everyone.


Rabbi Moshe Krasnanski | Chabad of the Town | Beit Ezra Community Center





This course got me thinking in ways and in depths that I haven’t thought about a variety of issues in a very long time.

In deciding to join the course – I always like to learn, but I thought what can I learn new? Is there something really new that I can learn? And the answer is yes! Unequivocally!

This course should be a must for every new Shliach going out and any Shliach who needs to or wants to refocus, and wants to get a fresh start.  A fresh start in attitude, a fresh start in Avoida, a fresh start in reaching a really deep place within so he can reach a really deep place on the outside of him.

Rabbi Chaim Zvi Ehrenreich | Chabad of the Nyacks

Shluchim Coaches:

Shmuly, I’ve been meaning to tell you: Rabbi… credits you with helping him see himself as bigger than a local Chabad House to running a Community Center.

HUGE shift. Well done!


Marc Pitman | CFCC
The Concord Leadership Group, & The Nonprofit Academy 






Shmuly has been a great friend and coach to me over the years.

Over these last few months as I’ve undertaken new endeavors, Shmuly has been a regular coach to me.

The results have been substantial in terms of structure, direction and challenging me in new and profound ways.  Shmuly is a coach’s coach!


Rabbi Eliyahu Schusterman

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