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How to turn a painful campaign into an enjoyable success!
|  Rabbi Yisrael Deren

In this interview, Rabbi Yisrael Deren shares how working with Shmuly has helped accelerate his growth (notwithstanding their age gap!)

Here’s what’s covered:


  • How to go from feeling paralyzed around raising money to leading from the front (and enjoying every moment!)


  • The key Rabbi Deren discovered that gives him the confidence to deal with challenges life throws at him.


  • The perspective shift that’s helped Rabbi Deren dissolve disappointment and remain focussed during his fundraising campaigns.

  • The advantage a Shliach had 50 years ago that doesn’t exist today (and what to do about it!)

  • The unspoken truth behind how an effective fundraising coach adds value.

  • Rabbi Deren’s advice for Shluchim considering the benefits of coaching.

  • Rabbi Deren’s message to Shluchim everywhere.

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How to Become a Fearless Moised Leader (Million Dollar Fundraiser)
|  Rabbi Yisrael Deren

In this interview discover how Rabbi Yossi Deren led and sustained his moised’s explosive growth without buckling under the pressure of his mission and responsibilities.

Here's what we cover:


  • The shift that helped Yossi get a grip on his numbers and secure the confidence of his banker and board members during a major transaction.


  • The switch that helped Yossi remove the fear from fundraising.


  • The tweak Yossi made to his “asks” that has changed his fundraising results.


  • How Yossi flipped a direct “NO” into a 5 -figure donation.


  • How to set the stage and make BIG asks ($1M+) - Yossi’s advice to a shliach that is on the fence about whether coaching is right for him.


  • How to implement the Rebbe’s Paradigm for Tracht Gut in order to change our shlichus for the better.

Yossi's words to shluchim everywhere:

"You have a merit and responsibility to fulfill the Rebbe’s expectations.”

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